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Apostle and 1st Lady Johnson
44th Appreciation
December 9-13th @7:30pm Nightly
1119 Bookertee St.
December 14th @11am
7613 Wade Rd. Baytown, Tx.


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Apostle A.S.&1st Lady Johnson's
44th Annual Appreciation
Baytown, Tx
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Words From Apostle Johnson

                                                “Greetings in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ”
            As one of the leaders of the Christian church at large, I see great opportunities to do exactly what Jesus have told us to do which is reaching the souls of men. As our world is in great turmoil with storms, fires, floods, unrest and chaos, we find a people that have a great need of the gospel of Jesus Christ. The good news is, Jesus saves! I am convinced that all these troubles are to bring a people to their knees to inquire of their God “What must I do to be saved?” The message of repentance is still relevant because the answer is, “The kingdom of heaven is at hand.” That means you and I must present Jesus to a lost world like never before. Many of us have lost our edge to reach the lost. Remember when you first got saved the joy to witness was so real? It is still there. Heaven rejoices over one soul that has repented. Real conversion brings a change to many lives.  When one person gets saved the whole family receives a transformation, the church is impacted with new joy and society has moved a little closer to the will of God. Let us make the world a better place by reaching the lost souls that are crying “What must I do?” I am telling you I hear the cry of lost souls. Let us move toward the harvest field and let’s reap the great harvest of all times. You might say, “There he goes again crying for lost souls.” If we do not cry, who is going to cry? If we do not pray, who is going to pray? If we do not go out and harvest this harvest, it is going to rot in the field. If they do not find an answer then suicide is what they turn to or some demonic religion that destroys their soul.
            The summer has ended and the harvest is left in the field. I challenge you this fall. Let us, the reapers of the harvest, gather this great harvest into Gods barns. I am asking you to help me to do more than we have ever done. Let us launch out into the deep, let’s give the largest we have ever given and let’s commit to do more than we have ever done. Let’s be doers of the word and not hearers only.
            I pray that you have met all of your obligations that were made in the summer. If you haven’t, let’s do it now. The fall is upon us and in order to finish all of 2014 assignments, we must move swiftly. I pray that you be anointed to finish the work that God has begun in you. I pray that you follow us and support us as we continue to go into the highways and hedges. Follow us on the web page, on U-stream, Facebook, etc. We are winning the lost at any cost. The radio broadcast on Gospel 1360 Monday-Friday from 12:15-12:30PM costs us over $1200.00 a month, but we are winning the lost at any cost. Every time we move our vehicles from place to place hundreds of dollars are used in gas and other supplies. Let’s not be weary in well doing. I see an increase coming for all believers that support this ministry. I even see an increase in the widows’ mite. No gift is too small when given in love and in faith. Let’s continue to support ministry in prayer, attendance and through giving financial contributions.

Many of you that will, meet me on the prayer line every morning from 5:30-6:30, the number is 1-805-355-1000 access code 982038#.
Plan to be with us during our upcoming events
Yours in Christ,
Apostle A. S. Johnson


1st & 3rd Sunday
@ 11 a.m.
1119 Booker Tee St.
Baytown, Texas 77520
2nd Sunday
@ 11 a.m.
2531 Bank St.
Lake Charles, La. 70601
Sunday Nights
3315 Real St.
Houston,Tx. 77087
4th Sunday
@ 6 p.m.
815 N. Ave. D
Freeport, Tx
Friday Night Deliverance Service
@ 7:30 p.m.
965 W. Austin
Bellville, Texas 77418

"Winning The Lost At Any Cost" ~ Luke 4:18